Why You Should Try Karezza

Karezza may or may not sound “new” to you. Whatever the case, for many it’s an “unfamiliar” name for an act that is probably as old as sex itself.

So What Is Karezza?

Karezza simply refers to a type of sex or love-making where, on purpose, no orgasm is reached or achieved. It is important to note that Karezza is also somewhat different from the “selfish’ kind of sex where one partner gets all the pleasure and orgasm while leaving the satisfaction of the other person completely unattended to. The mutual intent style of Karezza simply makes it just a different kind of sex.

What Is The Purpose Of Karezza?

The purpose of Karezza is to increase the love-making process, so that you don’t get to the “state of no return”. Karezza takes advantage of no orgasm and turns it into pleasure. It makes you enjoy the whole ride instead of working towards the end goal of the orgasm.

What Benefit Can I Drive From Karezza?

You may despise the process as soon as you hear about it. To some degree, you may likely see this practice as “baseless” or crazy, as the basic purpose of sex to many people is to reach an orgasm.

Yet, the main benefit of Karezza is that it heightens the emotional connection between couples. With a heightened emotional connection, couples feel a deep sense of intimacy when performing Karezza. Enjoy every touch to the fullest without having your mind set to the orgasm itself. Focus on the journey, not the destination. 

How Can Karezza Raise Or Heighten Our Connection?

It is a bit counterintuitive. But I will explain with a short scenario.

You may probably remember when you were young. Mummy or daddy bought you your favourite food (probably some candies), toy (probably a baby doll) or a new dress. Just when you got excited, they told you to first wash your hands, finish your assignment, or get a certain score. Instead of being disappointed it whet your appetite the more. I am sure you can relate.

Karezza uses a deeper version of this approach to heighten the desires and emotional connection between couples. Imagine you want an orgasm-filled rounds of sex next Sunday, you just can’t wait till Sunday and the feeling gets even stronger by the day. Karezza helps you get the best of the two: excitement today in an anticipation for your great time on Sunday.

Thus, as much as you don’t want to “eat your cake” today and still expect it later on Sunday, you just cannot address your immediate needs. It is indeed a “delayed gratification” approach. You simple raise your desire for each other so high with “no orgasm” sex, piling up your ecstatic moment for the better. Most importantly, the focus should not always be on orgasms as the end result. But, every touch, every kiss should be deeply felt in a passionate way.

Who Is Karezza For?

Karezza is definitely great adventure for any two mature people who prefer a different kind of approach than normal. A couple who want to connect on a deep level and enjoy every touch. If you are “allergic” to no-orgasm sex or get some sort of side effects for not “cumming”, you may want to try Karezza with care or take on the challenge to discover something else about your body at your own peril.

How Long (Duration) Must A Karezza Last?

Karezza can go on for as long as you like. A few days to a week, or longer. It is usually a matter of choice and how connected it makes you both feel. Would you like to give it a try? They say it takes 21 days to get a habit out of your system or build a new habit. So, why not try Karezza for 21 days and see how it goes?

This blog post is related to the question:

Sex without orgasms can dramatically heighten the emotional connection between couples. Could you go a week or even a month?

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Once again, our focus with Karezza, is the fact that it heightens your connection as a couple and creates an avenue where your senses to touch are opened to share the moment of pleasure and not to focus on getting an orgasm. Karezza is about enjoying every bit of the sex journey and getting real fun and satisfaction from it. Loving Karezza already?

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