Why The Right Music Boosts Your Sex Life

If I should give you the chance to choose, would you rather have romantic lighting or romantic music during sex? From the heading, you can have an idea which one I seem to gravitate towards, though it will be perfect to have both.

Why You Should Consider Music While Having Sex

Music is life. There is a way music can influence a lot of things in your life beyond your imaginations. A sad song can bring back some unfortunate memories such as a break-up, while a happy song can get you highly motivated and inspired. But, what about the influence music can have on your sex-life? I can say music has more to do with sex than you think.

From getting people in the mood to improving the actual deed, most people have confirmed what music brings to the table as far as sex is concerned. R&B appears to be the top genre that puts people’s grove on while Hard Metal or ‘techno’ is the least preferred. Low bazz songs at relatively slower pace obviously strikes a string or two in many people during sex than high pitched music.

Here are some reasons to consider music during sex:

  1. Music Is An Aphrodisiac To The Soul
    Great sex involves all of you, including your soul. Just as your body can be aroused through touches and foreplay, the right music can turn on the “invisible” part of you in a way that you just can’t wait to satisfy your body’s need for pleasure.
  2. Music And Sex Stimulate The Same Part Of The Brain
    Part of what makes drugs and gambling addictive is the “good feeling” you get when done. Interestingly, music and sex have been found to have a lot in common in that they both release opioid substances that make us feel “better”.
  3. Music Motivates You To Be Your Best In Bed
    Your favourite music has a way to influence you and boost your confidence to move on when the going gets tough. Imagine moving on in the same way in the bedroom with a playlist that does not only turn you on but helps to extend your feeling of excitement for quite longer.

  1. Music Creates A “Serene” Environment For Sex: Let’s Face It
    The bedroom is not the only place to have sex. In some cases, you want to have sex so badly you do it on the kitchen floor or in the shower. But what if a neighbour, friend or relative just visited and you don’t want to feel embarrassed by all the orgasmic moans you are having in the bedroom? What about when the kids are around and you want to have sex? You just turn on the music and ride on.
  2. Music Relaxes You Before And After Sex
    When you want to make love to your partner after a day’s work, you can imagine it is going to be a bit stressed and quick. But, a soothing music in the background coupled with a romantic massage is just enough to switch your mood into wanting it more.

Create Your Own Bedroom Playlist

As important as music is to your sex-life, the choice of music is equally important, if not more important. As a matter of fact, some people even consider playing music during sex as “childish” or too “naive”, and others see it as a total “turn off”. Music during sex can, indeed, be a complete turn off or unnecessary if done in the wrong way.

For instance, imagine your partner playing his favourite song which coincidentally (and unfortunately) happens to be your worst song. Or, imagine when your partner keeps repeating the same song that reminds you of your ex right before sex? It can simply worsen your appetite for sex in cases where the emotions attached to those songs are negative.

Few people who do not like to play music during sex also do it on purpose. To these women, they prefer to feel, audibly hear and fully enjoy every single bit of the love-making process without any form of distraction – including music. If there is any form of “great music” for sex to them, it will be a completely ‘silent’ song with nothing else in it. That sounds weird to hear considering all that music can do for your sexlife. Sex can be enjoyed even much better, with the right music. Perhaps, trying really great music during sex could add some spice to one’s sexlife.

In order to help you get your music collection right, here is a list some recommended music you could add to your bedroom records:

  1. “She’s Like The Wind” by Patrick Swayze
  2. “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye
  3. “Boléro” by London Symphony Orchestra
  4. “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin
  5. “You See The Trouble With Me” by Barry White
  6. “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
  7. “Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers
  8. “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion
  9. “Je T’aime” by Serge Gainsbourg
  10. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Surely, Spotify has a playlist like this in their catalog. Wish you good luck as you try something new this week. This time, you turn on some music and just ride on.

This blog post is related to the question:

Would you rather have romantic lighting or romantic music during sex? What is your favourite song or music whilst having sex?

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