Why The Butler Position Is One To Try!

If I ask you if you would like to receive maximum pleasure from your partner, I am sure you will say yes. I know you most people like. Who wouldn’t want to receive maximum pleasure from their partner? Well, then it is about time you and your partner try the Butler sex position.

What Is The Butler Position?

I am sure you may be wondering what on earth is this “Butler” position and how can it help me receive the maximum pleasure from my partner? The Butler is a sex position where the woman leans against a wall and arches her body forward while standing with her legs apart from each other, ready to be pleasured via cunnalingus (licking the vagina and clitoris) or anilingus (licking the anus area) by her partner.

To make things simple, the Butler sex position can be broken down into just four simple steps:

  1. You both are naked. (Of course it is a sex position, so why would anyone need their clothes on, by the way?)
  2. While standing with your feet apart you bend your butt to your partner.
  3. Your partner’s face goes between your thighs in such a way that your butt goes into his face, while he’s sitting on the floor.
  4. Your partner pleasures you by giving you a cunnilingus (licking the woman’s clitoris and labia region) or analingus (licking the skin or nerve endings around the anus region).

Butler Position Benefits

So why is this sex position so special? Let me give you a few examples:

  1. It Makes You Squirm
    The Butler position is one that can easily make you squirm (move your body in a “snake-like” motion) without you realising it. It is just that rocking good!
  2. It Makes You Orgasm With Ease
    It is reported that clitorial stimulation accounts for a major portion of orgasm. Yet, it is so unfortunate that some women actually never get to feel it often enough. The Butler position grants full access of your clit and anal nerve endings (two sensitive parts of your body) to your partner. So, it is very easy to orgasm within a few minutes of this position with just a little pleasuring from your partner.
  1. It Takes Less Effort
    With the Butler sex position, “less is more”. Unlike other complex sex positions, you don’t have to be “acrobatic” to enjoy it. Thus, you get to have more pleasure without going through much stress.
  2. Pleasuring With Little Or No Penetration
    The Butler sex position is one that goes beyond the perception that you need a penal penetration to achieve an orgasm. When done well, you just need a little penetration. However, when done very well, you need any penetration at all.
  3. It Is Very Meditative
    For some, sex is almost as if you cannot get a sweet sex without sweating. Due to the relaxed nature of the Butler sex position, you and your partner enter into a “Zen mode” of meditation and pleasure. You let go of all that sensation of excitement you have been holding back for so long.
    Besides, what else can be more meditating than your partner paying homage to the home they came from in a pleasuring way?

Butler Position Key Tips

You already understand by now why the Butler sex position is one that you definitely want to try. Before you quickly close this page and start fantasising about how enjoyable this position may be, there are a few key tips or points to note.

  1. Ensure You Are Clean Down There
    The Butler sex position was ideally meant for couples who know each other quite well. For those people, less focus is placed on hygiene. But, whether you are doing this with a regular partner or a “one-night-stand”, you must ensure you are clean, especially when someone is going to put their mouth inside you. It is even recommended to have this position either during or immediately after showering. This is good for him as well as for you. You obviously both want to have a great time, don’t you?
  2. Get Extra Support If Possible
    At a point where your legs are shaking or you are simply getting tired after squirming for a while, you may want to find a bit of support for your body. Your partner could bend a knee or both knees so you could hold onto for support. In the same way, your partner can lean on their arms on the floor for support. You don’t want to “sit in your partner’s face” when you are getting tired.
  1. Communicate How You Feel
    It is important to tell your partner how you feel in every part of the process.Let him know when you are enjoying it or and when you are not. And even more important, alert him if you are close to orgasm or will start squirting.
  2. Be Cautious Of Possible Infections
    It might sound inappropriate but be careful. This position opens both your vaginal and anal openings, so you want to make sure nothing moves from the anal region into the vaginal region as this may result in infections. Especially if no showering was done. It is better to choose between cunnilingus or analingus as back and forth between the two may not be the best.

To conclude, we have to make it clear why the Butler sex position is one to try if you expect maximum pleasure from your partner. With your partner’s face in your ass while standing with your legs apart, puts you in the right position to be pleasured beyond your wildest dreams.

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Would you like to receive maximum pleasure from your partner in the Butler position? She stands with her legs apart. He sits down underneath her so he can pleasure her through cunnilingus or analingus.

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