Whipped Cream, The Ultimate Foreplay

When you visualise your “ideal” foreplay, what do you see? I can bet it is not quite different from other women. Like most women, perhaps your ideal foreplay entails a few romantic touches here and there, kissing and caressing, and maybe a bit of oral sex. But, have you ever considered introducing food into your foreplay? Yes, you heard me right – food.

The Best Foreplay Foods From Your Kitchen

If you are among the few “different” and “lucky” ladies out there who have experimented with food during sex, which food did you like to use?Why did you use them? Maybe you just got the whole idea of “bringing food to the bedroom”. 

The idea for introducing food into the bedroom goes beyond just eating in your bedroom. Indeed, we are not just introducing food to the bedroom. Instead, the regular foreplay we go through is replaced or modified to inculcate a delicacy, and adventure you will maybe end up enjoying better than the sex itself.

Food has always played a major role in our sex-life. While some foods have been scientifically proven to boost sexual performance and drive, others have chemicals that can actually “kill” your libido, gradually. For that matter, the kind of food you choose is very important.

No matter which class or category you may belong to, I have a few suggestions to make a great options for food to be considered to enhance your pleasure during sex and why you may want to consider each food.

  1. Whipped Cream
    The delicious and fluffy-yet-sticky nature of whipped cream makes it a vital food to be introduced into your foreplay. Spraying samples around your nipples and other exogenous zones for your partner to lick off can be so pleasuring that you want to do it again. Alternatively, you could treat your partner to this amazing treat as well.
  1. Strawberries
    Strawberries go with a lot of other foods in the “foreplay menu”. Two best complementary foods are whipped cream and dipping them in chocolate syrup. Nonetheless, you can feed your partner with just the strawberries. As he enjoys every bit of the juicy fruit, you lick up any juices these strawberries left on him.
  1. Chocolate Syrup
    We all know the many add-on benefits of chocolate. The irresistibly sweet flavoured food does not only boost your libido, it also adds to the foreplay in grand style. Instead of just eating chocolate syrup, you could literally paint parts of your body with it and signal your partner to lick you up. As an “icing on the cake”, you could simply write romantic words such as “kiss me” or “lick me” on your body, giving your partner no way of escape than to follow along. You like it if your partner plays to your rules, don’t forget to check out our blog post How To Take Control In The Bedroom.
  2. Ice Pops
    One of the sensual things to do for your partner is to slowly eat up some ice pop and let it melt down all over your naked body while he watches. This can be a turn on for both of you, trust me. He gets an idea how you melted for him.
  3. Grapes
    Frozen or not, grapes can be great part of foreplay. Placing this fruit in your mouth while he tries to grab it with his lips is exciting. What’s more pleasuring? Running a few grapes around the erogenous zones of your partner or vice versa is.
  4. Sushi
    You may be wondering how on earth sushi could be introduced in the bedroom. But have you thought of eating sushi from each other’s bodies? There is even a term to describe this act ‘Nyotaimori’. Place your favourite sushi rolls on the back of your partner (or vice versa) and enjoy it right from there as he enjoys the feeling of what is happening to his body.

We can go on and on about the many types of food to consider to be introduced to the bedroom. Tell me in the comments what your favourite food is to use in the bedroom. 

Hopefully, this helps with your new adventure of adding food to the foreplay “menu”, making the process easy, sumptuous and pleasuring. Not only that, your level of desire for sex will be heightened to enjoy sex the more as you do so. 

The key point in this is to have an easy way to literally begin your love-making from the kitchen to the bedroom.

This blog post is related to the question:

Would you use food during foreplay? Which food would you like to use? Whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce or anything that takes your fancy to get you licking and exploring your partner’s body.

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