What Guys Actually Think Of You When You’re On Top

Would you rather be on top or bottom whilst having sex? I am very curious to know which one you prefer most and why you prefer one over the other?

Why Men Love To Have You On Top

To many women, being on top or bottom during sex doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you get the excitement you desire. But, it seems that is might not be the case with men.

You and I can agree that men are “visual” creatures. They are moved by what they see more than by what they hear. Your man can be sexually aroused just by looking at what you’re wearing or how you’re walking. Unknown to you, a man will already be fantasising about how to have sex with you without you saying a word.

With all this in mind, can you imagine what might be going on in his mind when you’re on top? I must admit I have never entered a man’s head (though I would love to given the chance). But, to most men, when you’re on top, it means a whole different thing altogether. In fact, most men love it when you’re on top. Mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. He Gets To See All Of You
    As visual species, men enjoy to see you in full glory when it comes to sex. They want to see and “enjoy” your pretty face. Firm boobs and nice curves seriously engage in this pleasuring act in their full glory. Woman on top is one of the sex positions that gives men the opportunity to do so.
  2. He Gets To Enjoy Even As You Enjoy
    The main thing about having sex is that you both enjoy it. And men love it to see you, as a women, enjoying it. They get so much more excited about it than seeing someone being half asleep. By going on top, your partner is in the right position to assess how excited you are and how you’re enjoying yourself.
  3. He Gets To Relax
    Sure, men may like to be in control in most cases – even in the bedroom. But, only a few men will be happy enough when they seem to be the only one doing “everything”. They get overwhelmed and tired. Luckily for these men, you going on top gives them a chance to relax while being served hot. They obviously are not in a haste to perform some “magic” to excite you down there. All he gets to do is to relax, respond to your “commands” and enjoy the reward of orgasm. It’s that simple!
  4. It Puts You In Charge
    This sounds like an advantage to you (the woman) more than it is for the man, though men obviously love it when a woman takes charge in the bedroom. When you ride on him, you indirectly assume “power” and control of how you want things to be done – how deep, shallow, fast or slow you want it. Most importantly, you get to control when and how you orgasm – which is the most exciting part if you ask me. Plus, your man no longer feels “guilty” for being the one who is always seeking “his pleasure” because you prove to him that, you want to and enjoy being pleasured too. What a way to exhibit “women empowerment”!

So, What Do Men Think When You’re On Top?!

With all these benefits in store for you and your partner you might be excited to know what men think of when you’re on top.

  1. He Is Thinking Of How You Ride Him
    It is one thing “riding him” and another to “know how to ride him”. If you just want to be on top for the sake of being on top without having a clue how to ride a man, he is definitely going to be turned off.
    So how do you ride on a man? You slowly start bouncing up and down. It’s always good to grap yourself onto something to have more power to pull yourself off. This will make it easier to speed up the longer you go for.
    Yet, some women prefer to ride back and forth. Squirming (like Shakira in the “hips don’t lie” music video) on top of a man’s penis can weaken not just his drive but also his sensitive muscles around the penis that can actually get it fractured. So make sure you do this right and look your men in the eyes to see if this is something he likes or not.
  2. How Your Boobs And Butt Will Bounce
    You obviously have no idea about this but your man loves to see your boobs bounce on the rhythm of the ride. Most men can’t get their eyes off your boobs while you ride him. Some (if not most) men would want to grab those boobs and feel them. Same applies to your ass. And, because they may not fully see your ass bouncing in this position, they tend to place their palms beneath or over it.
  3. How You’re Enjoying It
    This point can’t be emphasised enough. For some weird reason, a man may feel like you’re not comfortable or excited in this position, just like how some parents feel fearful when their kids are left on their own. Maybe it is because, for the longest time, they have being taking the control and responsibility for your pleasure in the bedroom.

    So, this makes such men wonder if you’re really enjoying yourself as they perceive or you’re just trying to make them “feel like” you’re enjoying it, when maybe you’re not.
  4. Which Way Works Best For You
    When you’re on top, he is probably comparing how you enjoy this. If this position gets the job done better than your regular missionary or if you might want to switch back. If you prove him wrong, he is now wondering which pace or depth gets you excited most. Chances are, he is going to “adopt” these metrics and apply them in another sex position if possible. If he does, he’s your man!

A lot of things are probably going on in a man’s mind when you’re riding on top. From how your body is moving to how you’re enjoying the sex. Now that you know what he is thinking about you in this position, maybe you want to take advantage of the many benefits we talked about. You both get the excitement you need and prove that you’re really having a good time.

This blog post is related to the question:

Would you rather be on top or bottom whilst having sex? Why do you prefer one over the other?

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