Turn On The Lights: Why It Is Better To Have The Lights On While Making Love

Imagine you were 8-year old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) in the “Home Alone” Movie. You were alone in a dark room where you had to find your way out. What will be going through your mind? You probably will experience a bit of fear (Nyctophobia) because your brain has disfigured perception of what would, or could happen in a dark environment. All of a sudden, you begin to feel as if the room was full of weird-looking creatures ready to haunt you or you may start imagining things that were not already there.

Switch It On To Turn You On

Like the scenario above, sex in a dark room is filled with imaginations and visualisations of what may be happening.

Generally speaking, while the guys want the lights on during sex, most ladies are not too comfortable with that. This is because, the darkness in the room can hide parts of their bodies that they don’t like to show. Others would rather not do it when the lights are on because it makes them “guilty” that their mother’s advice to “never open their legs to any man” seems to be disregarded now. Some ladies are used to only have sex when the lights are off and have never tried anything else.

Irrespective of your reasons for doing it in the dark, it is about time you switch things up. There is a gradual paradigm shift according to a recent poll. 60% of the people prefer making love while the lights are on or in the natural lights coming through the window, while 40% prefer to make love with the lights off.

Maybe you want to consider joining the 60% side because of the following reasons:

  1. It Can Increase Your Sexual Drive
    This is probably why guys prefer the lights on. As visual as they are, they would want to see more of your sexy body and all that is there to increase their sexual drive. There is an extra sexual drive you both can get when you make love with the lights on, especially seeing more of your partner’s body parts that you are most attracted to.
  2. You Don’t Miss Any Part Of The Action
    With the lights on, you can be assured of not only imagining what is going on, but actually see more of it. From foreplay to how he reacts during orgasm are parts of the love-making adventure you don’t want to miss.
  3. It Eradicates Unintended “Wrong Moves”
    Do you remember how he mistakenly almost inserted it in your “butt” the last time because the lights were off? How disgusted were you? What about the last time you grabbed his leg instead of his arm? All those “wrong moves” could be avoided when you make love with the lights on.
  4. It Will Increase Your Confidence
    You may have the worst of bodies. You may even be battling a skin disease or can’t stand the sight of those marks on your body when you are naked. Your recent weight gain or loss could be playing games on your self-confidence. But, when you get to see how your partner is all crazy about you and how you look, your level of confidence about your body suddenly increases. The realisation that someone still finds you beautiful and admirable in this shape or form gradually makes you accept yourself even more and your beauty grows.
  5. Your Pleasure And Pain Points Are Easily Observed
    Some guys can hardly differentiate between a cry of pain and a moan of pleasure. It is even worse when you cannot be seen when any of the two is happening. But, when the lights are on, your partner can easily tell when you are enjoying the ride and when it hurts – by closely observing you.
  1. It Boosts Intimacy
    What follows after a boost of self-confidence and increase in arousal is a deep feeling of closeness to your partner. You have nothing to lose or holdback. All you have to do now is to enjoy the excitement and thrill of making love.
  1. It Enhances Your Sexual Creativity
    If you are more acrobatic in the bedroom and ingenious when it comes to sex positions, you are safe with the lights on. Now, you can try all the weird sex positions you couldn’t do in the dark because you feared harming yourself or your partner.

This blog post is related to the question:

It’s the classic lights on or lights off. But, have you ever really discussed which you prefer and why?

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So, there you have it – all the reasons and benefits of making love while the lights are on. There are probably million others I could add to the list, but I believe these are enough to get you excited about getting the room lit-up for your next sexual encounter.

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