How it all started

As many projects, cards of revelation started as a personal project.

I’m a little so called bleh when it comes to talking about sex. A guy I dated in the past showed me some sex related questions online, which we used as a basis for some of our conversation. I realized it could be fun and easy to talk about what you like in bed, as long as you have the right settings.

As I thought it would be better to talk about sex related topics in a more romantic setting, in bed with candle light and without a laptop, I tried to find a way to do so. I started to create some personal cards for us, but the guy broke up before the project was finished.

I showed the personal project to some friends who got so excited and told me to start selling it. I got some test prints for some of my befriended couples to see whether they liked it. I was very pleased to hear all the excited feedback.

The more I worked with it, the more people I told about the project, the more people told me they wanted to be my ‘first buyer’.

I improved the cards, the questions, look and feel and turned the personal project into a product to help everyone who has the same issue to overcome and get a better and more fun sex life.

This is how cards of revelation was born.