The Excitement Of Sex In Public Transport

I am sure the first thing that came to the minds of most of you was “OMG, are you kidding me?”. Some ladies even started feeling embarrassed for such a topic and probably commented, “Can’t believe I read that!”, Or “sex in a public transport, are you crazy?”

Well, No, I am not kidding you. I am very serious.

Why Sex In Public Transport Is Worth A Try

Now, before I become the “prophet of doom” or the “talk of town” to many of you and why you hate me for such a “prohibited” topic, I like to make a few things clear.  One of these thoughts running through the minds of many, is this very topic of sex in a public transport. Most especially, the excitement and thrills that come with having sex in a public transport.

“Why a public transport of all places?”, you may be asking. Well, the public transport is a place, just like your home or office. It is not just meant to take people from one place to another.

So, we can do what we do at those other places just while in the public transport too.

Again, many people take their travel time as an opportunity to read, listen to music, take naps, or even work on their project. It is one of the best places to get inspired. So, why not consider being inspired to make love in that public transport too?

And, hey, if you are worried about your “safety”, of course the public transport is a safe environment. That is why you travel with it anyways. Do not forget, your “safety” and comfort is assured by most public transport so you definitely want to have a “good time” when travelling.

Before we go through the excitement part of sex in a public transport, I wish to pass in a small word of caution. In as much as we want you to enjoy your sexlife to the max without leaving anything behind, you own it a personal responsibility to consider the laws, culture and security of your state or city before trying this. In most cases, you want to be as snappy and smart enough to ensure your safety, privacy and comfort before anything else. Cards of Revelation won’t be blamed directly or indirectly for negligence or doing something you both don’t want to do, you can always give it a try if you want to take have the biggest sexual experience you may ever have.

With that out of the way, let me tell you about the excitement of sex in public transport and why you want to try it, and probably do it again. The secret excitement of sex in a public transport is that fact that you could be “caught” or seen. That, is enough excitement in itself. And, guess what, when you finally make love without being “caught” or seen, your excitement and joy doubles!

What Is Even More Exciting?

  1. The excitement and experience lives on
    Imagine flying at 3500 feet above sea level. It is all calm and amazing. You are enjoying a great sex in the way you love it. How do you feel. Now, open your eyes, get on a plane and try it. You will have an experience you would never forget because it simply different.
  2. Sex in public transport represents a part of what sex is
    Now that sounds paradoxical, but I will break it down. Sex is an adventure full of imagination and pleasure. But, what more adventure is taking a quickie in long train trip, just before you enter that tunnel? It is probably going to be one of the most adventurous things to do in life, trust me!
  3. It is just different
    You have read or being told somewhere by someone that the “best place” to have sex is in the bathroom. Yet, you wonder why your sex-life gets more boring by the day. Sex is a form of communication between two partners. You give me all the cues and clues, and I follow along in a romantic way. I know what that spank on my butt feels and means as a lady and I can’t wait to reciprocate with a sensual touch. That is communication! So, if sex is a form of communication, why confine it only in a bedroom? Can you imagine talking only when you are in a boardroom or networking event. It is just boring!
  4. It is more enjoyable and appetite-whetting
    There is nothing pleasurable than pouring out your heart when you feel like doing so. You don’t wait for the “right time”: that may never come anyways. One excitement about sex in a public transport is the fact that you are aware of your feelings and not to put them on hold to die, literally.
  5. You don’t have to “pull over”
    You probably have done it in your car before, I guess. However, you had to pull over and stop the car to have sex. What about sex in the kitchen when she was cooking? She had to stop, right? Well, you don’t have to “pause” your world to enjoy sex, especially in a public transport. Chances are, your safety is assured in a professional hands, so you get to enjoy intimate sex and fun trip simultaneously. Wow!

What To Consider Before Having Sex In Public Transport

There are many exciting things about sex in public transport than can be listed here. I know the few tips are already rocking your world. Before you try it, consider these tips:

  1. Communicate with your partner
    Do not make him feel awkward and uncomfortable as it may even create a scene. Planning about it and agreeing to it first is very important to get you the sex-in-transport you long for.
  2. Reassure them of their safety
    It will be a bit off in the first time. You need to assure your partner that door is locked and nothing will be broken in the process.
  3. Start from where you are
    Sex in the airplane or train toilet is getting abused of late. Maybe you want to do it gently in your seat instead, probably with she giving you a quick head or anything comfortable to start with.
  4. Consider your position
    Having sex right in the bus, behind the driver will obviously make others uncomfortable and get you arrested. If that is the case, you could trade or exchange seats with someone whose position will be “safe” for the process.
  5. Make it snappy
    It is possible to think you are in the bedroom if that is the only place you guys do it. So, you may want to try all the weird sex positions or the long foreplay till you realise you just got to your destination. Make it fun, quick and pleasurable because you obviously don’t have all day.

As you can imagine by now, one of the best sex you will ever have, will be on your next trip. This time, right in your public transport. It is simply exciting to do. You will be amazed how adventurous sex can can be for you both outside your “comfortable” place of abode.

This blog post is related to the question:

Would you find it exciting to have sex in a taxi, train, bus or airplane? Which would be your favourite and why? Pick one and plan your next trip. Risky, but rewarding.

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