Sex In Front Of A Mirror – Why Does This Attract You?

Have you ever fantasised about looking at yourself whilst having sex in front of a full length mirror? (I can believe most of you reading are already fantasising just by reading 😉 ) It is one of the most exciting scenes to behold.

A Few Reasons To Start With Sex In Front Of The Mirror

As visual beings, we love to be actively involved in something we love to do. However, in most cases, we don’t get to feel and see what we are doing at the same time. Having sex in front of a mirror adds that “real-time” sensation seeing someones enjoyment from different angles.

  1. It Is The Closest You’d Get To Acting Porn
    I always use to argue with my friends that porn is the only movie that is not acted. It is actually “done”.

    Making love right in front of a mirror creates that scene of real-time porn, this time without any script, crew or audience in the room. What’s even better, you and your partner are the porn stars. And it costs far less than porn. What an interesting thought.
  2. It Is A More “Safer” Assessment Tool
    If you have ever had sex before (and I strongly believe you have), you may once in a while try to assess yourself to see how you perform in bed.
    One thing that comes to the mind of many in this situation, is to record their sexual encounter and playback later. That would have been great in the 80’s. But, unless you don’t mind this being leaked to a third-party, want to be referred to as “porn stars” or want your children to get to see your sex-tapes, that may not be a good idea nowadays.

    Mirrors, especially full-length ones are the better alternative. Though you may not get the chance to rewind or focus your full attention onto it like you would a recorded version, you equally enjoy the “real-time” version of it.
  3. Sex In Front Of Mirror Enhances Your Sensual Pleasures
    I want to believe that there is certainly something about your partner’s body that you love. His or her shape, voice, touch, etc. This is even more evident in men than women because of their tendency to be attracted more by their sight. Having sex in front of a mirror will enhance the visual appearance of your partner’s body to boost your desire for them.
  1. Increases Sexual Performance
    Aside from the fact that sex in front of a mirror can be used as a tool to “assess” your performance in real time, it also can increase your sexual performance itself to a higher level. Most people are a bit “passive” in love-making. For instance, for some men, their lust, emotions, and desires take over their bodies as soon as they have an erection – all the way – till they finish up with an orgasm.

    All that changes when you make love right in front of a mirror. When you see yourself having sex, it suddenly boosts your libido and makes you more active in what you are doing. By being active, you push more than you did before, when you were passive. The result is a much higher level of performance than your average.
  2. Sex In Front Of A Mirror Boosts Your Confidence
    What usually follows a great sexual performance is a high boost in the individual’s confidence. You are a little bit “open up” and liberated (literally) from the bondage of holding back your feelings and desires. As a matter of fact, you want to enjoy sex more because, doing it in front of a mirror lifts your sense of confidence by a step each time. Now, who wouldn’t want that?
  3. It Gets You Much Closer To Your Partner
    There is a deeper sense of belonging and satisfaction when you really enjoyed sex with a partner you have strong feelings for. Plus, doing it in front of full-length mirrors where you see almost every bit of the action makes the feeling even better. Your level of intimacy through the fact that you are opening yourself up to fully be engaged and to enjoy the sex emotionally draws you closer to your partner.
  4. It Is Just Enjoyable
    There is a bit of pleasuring that you get when you try to be adventurous in your sex-life. Trying something you may have probably never thought of in the past, such as having sex in front of a full-length mirror adds an extra excitement to the game and makes you enjoy things twice as much as you would without the mirror. There is just something “magical” about it, that, maybe, trying it out may help you understand it better.

This blog post is related to the question:

Have you ever fantasised about looking at yourself whilst having sex in front of a full length mirror?

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