Rob The Sight, Increase Anticipation

How Blindfolds Increase Your Excitement In Sex

One of the major reasons why you want to look forward to a surprise is sometimes not because of the “surprise” itself but how you were surprised. You were probably caught “unprepared”, your eyes were closed with a piece of clothing and you were led the so-called “surprise”. Every bit of the step was actually meant to raise your suspense of what might happen next. This is what blindfolds do to you during sex – they increase your expectations for sex.

This is because, some senses of the body appear to be more “active” when others are suppressed. Thus, by shutting down the sense of sight, your other senses, especially touch, become more active.

With that said, if you are not already using blindfolds in your bedroom during sex, you may be missing out on a very pleasing aspect of your sex-life.

Why Are Blindfolds Important?

Blindfolds in sex are very important because of the following reasons:

  1. Blindfolds Increase Your Anticipation
    Being blindfolded leads to so many guesses of what’s coming next. Your body suddenly becomes open to whatever your partner may have in store for you. At this point, you simply can’t wait to be pleasured in any form.
  2. Your Body Becomes More Receptive And Responsive To Touch
    As I said at the beginning of this piece, your body is designed in a way that our senses seem to correspond to each other. Thus, you raise your senses of touch and become more sensitive and responsive to touches than you probably would be without the blindfolds.
  3. Blocks Out Perceptions About Your Body Image
    The tendency to feel shy or look down on one’s body when having sex in an lit-up environment is high, especially among women. Having sex while the lights are on, sometimes, feels like all the parts of your body you are not so proud of, are exposed. This is the opposite with blindfolds because they create a “shield” or a “darker” environment in your mind whereby you are no longer conscious of your body.
  4. It Reduces Your Inhibitions And Raises Your Focus
    Next, after blocking out concerns about your body, is the drastic drop in your sexual inhibitions. All the sense of guilt and shame you have attributed to sex seem to disappear with a blindfold. Plus, that feeling you had knowing someone else is watching you or listening to your moans from outside are shuttered. What this leads to is a focus of your total attention on how deeply intimate you feel and the pleasure you are deriving from this sexual encounter.
  5. Extra Addition Of Excitement
    The regular sex you have, suddenly becomes a mysterious adventure, filled with immense excitement with blindfolds. You anticipate for the next mystery your partner will discover about you or vice versa. This adventure is enough to raise your excitement to a whole new level.

Blindfold Tips

At this point, you may be wondering how to get started with the introduction of blindfolds in your sexlife. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use “Surprise” To Your Advantage
    The best way to “spoil” a surprise is to announce it. Blindfolds can be your surprise too. Once you are in the mood for sex, you just introduce it as part of the unplanned adventures of sex. And if your partner is still not sure why you are using a blindfold, you could alert them of a sexual surprise you have for them, with the blindfold itself being a major part of the surprise.
  2. Take It Slow
    Make sure you and your partner feel every bit and piece of the process by taking things slow. You want your body to be thrilled with lots of anticipation for excitement and surprises.
  3. Enjoy A Lot Of Blindfolded Foreplay
    You could start from small touches, kisses and caressing to pleasing each other. If you enjoy masturbating, you can try to do it while wearing the blindfold while your partner gets aroused by watching you.
  4. Introduce Something New You Want To Try
    Blindfolds create the best environment for trying new things, especially those that you may not do without the blindfolds. If there is a way you always wanted to be touched, stroked or kissed, you could introduce that idea now to your partner and openly share how you feel when it is done that way. Sex toys you want to try on yourself or your partner could be introduced. However, you don’t want to introduce things and ideas that your partner may want to be skeptical about.
  1. Calm Your Partner With An Erotic Massage
    Ask for an erotic massage from your partner if you are blindfolded. The key is to get relaxed of any stress and get relaxed for an exciting sexual encounter.
  2. Ensure A Safe Environment
    Blindfolds temporary makes you almost blind to your immediate environment. Prepare and organise your room so that you nor your partner gets harmed in the process.
  1. Make It Comfortable
    Both men and women can use blindfolds. However, women may be more comfortable with blindfolds than men because, men are visually inclined and blindfolding your man can affect his arousal. Ensure blindfolds are not too tightly tied as this makes you a bit uncomfortable.

How Do You Find Blindfolds?

Blindfolds are a bit popular now, thanks to their prolific usage by massage therapists. There are specially designed blindfolds available. However, any piece of soft cloth or even a tie can be used to cover the eyes.

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