Morning Sex: Tips & Tricks Why You Should Consider It

It is quite surprising that lovers will tie sex to night times only. While some lovers try to have sex a few times in the afternoon while on a lunch break or holidays, others only have it at night, always. But, unknown to these lovers, there is an even better period most never think of – in the morning.

Okay, I get it. You just got up unwillingly, thanks to the alarm clock, and there seems to be a lot to do almost immediately. Besides, your breath is obviously not of the freshest to get you in the groove. However, none of those should rob anyone the amazing sensation of a morning sex.

How Can ‘Morning Sex’ Enhance Your Sex Life?

Here are some reasons why you should consider having sex in the morning:

  1. It Makes You Alert & Active
    There is no denying that getting a quick hot sex immediately you wake up will make you active and ready for the day. This is because your mind and body and opened to a new fresh feeling of love and satisfaction that can transcend to all other aspects of your day.
  2. It Relaxes Your Body
    Another important thing sex in the morning does for you besides making you active is that it gets you very relaxed for the day ahead. It is a great way of calming down and not being worried so much about a report you ought to finish or going to face that annoying colleague of your at the office. Call it a sweet and romantic yoga.
  1. It Helps Men With Erectile Dysfunction
    If your man suffers from low sexual performance due to erectile dysfunction, your bet should be on morning sex. The average man gets a strong erection usually early in the morning as nature’s way of saying “you are alive”. Why not use this time to your advantage to make up for that low performance last night?
  2. It Comes With Less Obstructions
    You guys didn’t have sex last night because you were tired, angry, drunk, etc. Gladly, you probably aren’t under the influence of tiredness, anger or alcohol. Plus, you are (or almost) naked so nothing should stop you from having a morning sex.

Morning Sex Preparation

If you need any 😉 At least, If I have convinced you enough for you to want to have sex in the morning (and frequently). Let us look at some preparations and “pre-morning sex” practices you may want to consider for your next morning sex.

  1. Enhance Your Breath
    Sex in the morning shouldn’t always begin with a kiss. But, if that has been your style all this while, you may want to consider a quick brushing of your teeth. Alternatively, any great mouthwash or oral spray will do. Small enough for every night stand draw. 
  2. Visit The Washroom
    A morning pee is highly concentrated and do not need to be held for too long. Take a quick pee and empty your bowels if necessary to release any “toxins” that may interfere with the action.
  3. Wash Your Face
    It is important to get all those waste in your eyes, mouth and face as a whole, especially if you are not considering a shower.
  4. Shower, Maybe!
    Depending on which way you want to go (sex before shower or shower before sex or sex in the shower), you want to choose whether or not to shower.
  5. Some Deodorant, Please!
    Sex has got everything to do with it, including great fragrance. No need for any pungent-smelling scents that will put him off. This, too, like many practices above are optional and open to your own style.

Morning Sex Tips & Tricks

To seal the deal, let’s look at some tips and tricks to consider your next morning sex move

  1. It’s All About Timing
    Getting the timing for morning sex right, especially when it is the first time is crucial. Schedule a time for you two in the morning if necessary. Also, you don’t want to give the wrong signals. Create a perfect environment for the best sex ever in the day.
  2. Start Slow, Please Yourself First
    Making the morning sex very athletic and hyperactive may not work for slow morning starters. But, there is no need waiting for them to be in the mood either. You should consider caressing and playing with yourself first and then gradually playing with your partner’s body.
  1. Consider Doing Oral Early Enough
    Once your partner is being receptive to your gestures, you can slide into some oral sex to begin with, especially your favourites. Sex position “69” can be introduced if you guys love it.
  2. Consider The Shower
    If you are looking to enjoy this even better, you can consider doing it in the shower. You get to have both a hot sex in a warm shower environment. That is awesome!
  3. Try A Few Less-Intense Positions
    Sex positions such as “spooning” and “cowgirl” are less intense and can be enjoyed comfortably by many especially in the morning. You want to try that and couple of others.

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Mornings can be the best times for sex. Especially with the right preparations, steps, tips and tricks like those above in place. It is probably about time you got into the sweet side of the morning with great sex.

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