Improve Your Sex life With Yoga

Getting a great sex life comes with a lot of practice and activities. One of those is yoga.

Yoga is a form of exercise that blends meditation with workout. This makes yoga a very mild and less “stressful” option compared to other harder forms of workout. Yoga plays double roles in enhancing your life as a lady, especially your sex life.

First of all, it is a way of getting and staying fit. Combining meditation and yoga makes it a comprehensive system to clear your mind and get in shape simultaneously. Those are quite huge “battles” for many to fight separately, not to talk of combining them. Through the strengthening of the spine and the body at large, you increase your spinal health and flexibility while building strength.

Secondly, a great deal of yoga is that it enhances your sensuality. In fact, watching someone do yoga alone is enough to arouse a lot of people, especially men. From the cute and sexy costumes to the almost elastic poses, one just can’t take their eyes off a lady practising yoga. Plus, the powerful benefits of shifted energy is very instrumental in clearing one’s mind and soul to open them up for sexual excitement.

Those are all very interesting and important things to note about yoga. Though we don’t intend to dwell much on the importance of yoga in general, we intend to look at how to bring yoga to the bedroom. Thus, how do we inculcate the already somewhat “sensual” moves in yoga into love-making to add to the spark and adventure of sex?

How To Combine Yoga And Sex

We have a few tips that can help you  combine yoga and sex.

  1. Just Sit And Stare At Each Other
    This is called eye gazing and not a real form of yoga exercise, but very related. 
    Just sit and stare at each other. This may not sound “sensual” to many people but it is very sensual for the mind. More than you can imagine. When was the last time you both stared sensually and closely into each other’s eyes without doing anything else for a while. It is said that the eyes are doors to the soul. Starting with this simple act gets you relaxed and mentally prepared for love-making.

  1. Improve Sexual Performance And Foreplay With Circular Breathing
    According to yogis, circular breathing refers to a continuous breathing cycle in which you do not pause between your inhalation and exhalation. When you’re too excited, your breathing is likely to go up, which ends up getting truncated and replaced by yet another breath. Slowly, your body gives in too quickly. Through practising of circular breathing, you or your partner can sustain breathing enough to let you sustain your excitement for a while.
  2. Employ The “Warrior II” Pose With Romantic Slow Taps
    You can let your partner “wake up” your genitals by placing their hands in a position that his fingers are pointing towards the toes. In this position, let him gently press the external parts of your vagina in a rhythm. This is essentially similar to warrior II pose in yoga which engaged the muscles in the pelvic floor. Giving feedback on how you feel can give an indication to go harder or lighter, faster or slower  of how the pressing should be.
  3. Do A Plow Pose To Boost Sexual Drive
    The plow pose entails, lying on the back. You lift your legs over the head, and with the support of your hands on your waist, you try to stretch to your toes to reach the floor and remain in this position for about 2 minutes. This simple yoga pose (though not easy for a number of people) is enough to get blood supplied to both the brain and pelvic area. Since the genitals are close to the pelvic area, blood is supplied to them as well to boost your desire almost immediately.
  1. Take Him In Your Mouth While Arching Back
    Save the best for the last ;). This position is reserved for the adventurous women who wish to go the “extra-mile” with their sex-life.

    Test your flexibility from sitting on his face to arching your back and taking him in your mouth. How amazing it feels will depend on how bad you want him from this position. It is a pose to add to your repertoire if you want to stand out and try something unusual and less ‘easy’.

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For Yoga enthusiasts. Test your flexibility from sitting on his face to arching your back and taking him in your mouth.

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Sex is as great as the adventure you bring on board. Thankfully, these “pseudo-yoga” poses and tips will add a huge sense of adventure and novelty to the love-making process if done right. Why not giving these tips above a try? Let us know how your sex-life improved with yoga. Or read one of the other blog post articles to get inspired on other possible ways to spice up your sex life. Each week we discuss a new topic of one of the question cards of Cards of Revelation, all to inspire your relationship in the bedroom. Namaste!

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