How To Take Control In The Bedroom

To make sex more enjoyable, you, as a woman, should take control in the bedroom too. Put the man in the mood and rock him like never before. Most importantly, the way you really want it of course. If there is any right moment to exhibit a “gender equality”, it is obviously during this moment. And the good part is, he will love it as much as you do, or even more 😉

Take your weapons and make him go crazy.

I know you don’t want to be like that piece of wood during the bedroom action, so I will give you some tips to help you enjoy sex by taking control, as a women.

  1. Set the right mood
    Sex is all about feelings and the mood or atmosphere is definitely key. Let him feel relaxed after a day of work, serve him his favourite meal, take a hot shower together and put on some romantic music, set the lights low and you are almost there.
  2. Take it slow and gentle
    Be adventurous but not rushing. Start teasing him with your body and get him seduced and turned on. You can dance if you like to dance or catwalk while he watches in anticipation. Maybe uncomfortable at first, but when you see how much he enjoys it, you will do it more and more. If massaging is your thing, you can start with that, too. It’s all about building tension and showing him your affection.
  1. Role-play
    Sex should be playful and light-hearted to be enjoyed. Come up with ideas of roles you both can play such as a doctor and a patient, a teacher and student, or a boss and an employee. Whatever you both want to try. Take the role where you can be more in control of him. Be the teacher, not the student, be the cop, not the prisoner. He will love how much control you have over him.
  2. Tie him up
    The ultimate way to take control over your partner is to tie him up, preferably to your bed. Even when he’s already going crazy about you and tries to touch you or take over the control, he’s simply not able to. Trust me, you will both enjoy it!
  3. Give him a “midas touch”
    This is the opportunity for you to touch your man like never before. His body is yours and yours is his. Gently grab him and give him a head if he enjoys that (I’m sure he will) or rob all around his body with few kisses and licks, he will definitely be off the ground.
  1. Rock him and ride it hard
    He will be almost uncontrollable at this point and be tempted to take over but romantically resist. Instead, you want to jump on it gently and ride it just the way you always wanted. You are in control of everything now, from depth of thrusts to the rate, ride it, girl! Be adventurous and switch positions when you feel like and you will have a feeling you have never had before.

It is amazing how giving up control or taking control as a lady can enhance your sexlife with your partner. It will definitely take your relationship on a sweeter direction and make you both intimately connected and happier than ever.

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