A Sensual Massage – The Best Foreplay You Can Imagine

Sensual massages are the best form of foreplay you can ever imagine. Massages, in general, are meant to relieve us of stress. Foreplay, as part of love-making, is meant to pave the way for a better sex life. In some way, the two kind of massages seem to be working similarly but seeking a bit different results. The relative difference in the two processes is largely narrowed when the massages are “sensual”.

What is A Sensual Massage?

Sensual massage differs from the normal “Swedish” type in quite a lot of ways. While the normal massage does not deal with stimulation of the “erogenous zones” but to help the significant other zones to reduce stress. The sensual type goes a step further. Any massage that excites any or all of the five basic senses is termed as a Sensual Massage.

Thus, this massage doesn’t just relieve you from stress, it also excites or stimulates certain “sensitive” parts of your body. It relaxes you and prepares you for great sex. We are talking about that special kind of massage that is served best as a “treat” than a routine.

Why Do I Need A Sensual Massage?

Sensual massages are really great way to boost your sex-life because of the following reasons:

  1. They Relax And Prepare Your Mind
    Stress is a major “killer” of passion. It makes you lose focus on the things you are passionate about or the tasks you have to complete. As we discussed in the introduction, sensual massages calm you down and reduce stress in your body.

  1. It Is One Of The Best And Romantic Things You Can Do For (Or Receive From) Your Partner
    How many times do you get massaged in a week? Chances are few to none. This is not because massages are difficult to get. But, it is because it is something that really demands time and attention to details. Besides, sensual massages are somewhat “selfish” because the recipient barely does nothing but relax and enjoy.

  1. Sensual Massages Build And Sustain Trust
    Going through a massage means subjecting yourself to the rhythm of another person’s touch. Aside going naked, you need to subject yourself fully under immense relaxation till you “melt” slowly with orgasms; a process you will undergo probably with somebody you can trust. The more couples have sensual massages, the more the bond of trust between them is enhanced.
  2. It Enhances Intimacy And Positivity
    Intimacy simply refers to the state where two people become emotionally close or attached to each other. Sensual massages offer great way to be in this state. When you massage each other, you become emotionally much closer. Also, massages clear your mind from any negativity that in other words could be “hindrance” to a great sex.
  3. Sensual Massages Can Make You Orgasm Easily
    There are countless ladies who had multiple “full-body” orgasm a couple of times through sensual massages. A few also squirt for the first time just through sensual massages, especially when done professionally. As a woman who seeks pleasure, getting orgasms faster and easier should be your goal for a sensual orgasm, anyways.
  4. Sensual Massages Can Make Your Partner’s Work Easier
    Just like sex toys, sensual massages are not meant to “replace” your partner. Instead, they drastically reduce the “hustle” your partner may have to go through to get you aroused and eventually orgasm, when done right.
  5. Sensual Massages Are Very Polishing
    For the lack of a better word, let’s say the sensual massages “polish” the body. Aside the sensual or erotic aspects of this massage, it still remains a “cleansing” process. Cleansing of the body of dead skin cells, sweats and dirts as well as cleansing of the soul, like a form of meditation, to refocus your energy and passion.

What Is Used For A Sensual Massage?

After knowing how the act of a sensual massage can positively impact your sex-life, you may think about which “ingredients” are required for a sensual massage. Like the normal massages, most cheaper professional-grade massage oils could be preferred.

However, if you wish to switch thing up a little bit, you could try a melted oil. These are usually natural oils that come in their “raw” solidified state. All you or your partner needs to do is to heat it up shortly and use the melted oil on your body. The fact that you can control the melting level (totally or partially melted) makes this type of oil a great ingredient.

Who Can Get Me A Sensual Massage?

Sensual massages are too sensual to be done just by “anybody”. However, to some degree, you or your partner may not require some “special skills” to give or have it. The adventure in trying a couple of ways to get you aroused sensually through massages can be an exciting activity in itself. However, in cases where you or your partner can not still get along with a sensual massage or require some “professional” touch, there are trained and professional sensual massage therapists available to give you that relieve and orgasm you may have never had before, of course, without penetration.

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