A New Way To Look At Your Partner

I am very sure that if someone should ask you about how you can describe Google in just three (3) words, they may be: data-driven, innovative, ubiquitous. Facebook‘s three words may be: communication, friendship, connection.

But, what if I asked you to describe your partner’s body in just three (3) words? I am sure you may be thinking like… “I never really thought about that.” Some may even wonder if anything like that is possible.

Look At Him And Tell Him How He Makes You Feel

As you grow in your relationship, many things may begin to change about your partner that will just turn you off. It is only good if you already “know” your partner’s body. You can tell any differences and maybe suggest ways to fix them when necessary.

But why do so many women have a challenge with voicing out how they feel about their partners? Well, if you have no feelings for him, you probably need to fix that. Nonetheless, if you still have feelings for your partner but you are not letting them know how they make you feel, it may be because you have not taken some time to really find out some new ways to look at your partner. Maybe, you see him as “just another man”. Well, maybe! But, this “another man” is yearning to hear how sweet he is to you – physically and emotionally. Most of your sexual pleasure could be “hidden” because you don’t talk about your intimacy together.

With that addressed, let’s look at a few (and proper) new ways to look at your partner.

  1. Tell Your Partner How Precious He Is To You
    So many times in our lives, we chase after things we need in future so much and we forget to appreciate that special someone who makes our world go round. When was the last time you felt very grateful for your partner? I bet it was a long time ago. We are very excited about nature and all that is in the universe that we seem to sometimes forget to take a short moment and appreciate the one we love.

    ⁣So, I have a challenge for you today, and I believe you will like it. Here is it: the next time you are alone, just whisper the words “you mean so much to me, my love, and I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have a person like you”. As simple as these words may appear, trust me, they are very less spoken. Yet, they have so much power.
  2. Tell Your Partner The Part Of Their Body That Turns You On
    After appreciating your partner in full, you want to tell your partner exactly which parts of their turn you on. Is it the lips, eyes, legs, chest or his “6 packs”? Maybe, it is even how they touch you. Perhaps, your partner has that “midas touch” that turns your body on, into “gold”. Just let them know.

    For all you know, your partner may be feeling ‘uncomfortable” showing those parts to you. Yet, those are the exact parts that get you aroused. By telling your partner, you are indirectly boosting his confidence in your body parts. Not only should you tell your partner which body parts turn you on, be sure to add how these parts make you feel when you touch, hold, kiss or lick them. Else, there is no importance in telling your partner something without letting him or her know how that thing makes you feel. If their eyes make you go “wild”, you could simply tell them that every time you look into their eyes, you want to desire them more.
  3. Give Small Talks On Their Appearance
    Sometimes, what you like about your partner may not necessarily be about “their bodies” but how they look. What else in your partner’s appearance let’s you want to make love to them? Is it the sweet-scented perfume or how he dresses to events? Is it his new shoes or that good old hairstyle that makes him look younger and handsome. If he looks good in something, at least “you look good in that” is enough to let your partner feel loved in a way he may not have witnessed before.

So why do you have to tell your partner all these “good” things? It is simply based on the fact that he simply desires to hear them from you. This is because, as humans, we easily give up when our efforts are not appreciated. So, you are making your partner appear as a person of “value” when you tell them what you feel about them.

Also, gratitude is everything. If you are not grateful for something, you gradually lose it. And you need to have a lot of gratitude to be able to love someone. Because, it make you feel good and increases your desire for more. For this reason, it is very important as a woman to discover new ways to look at their partners differently.

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How would you describe your partner’s
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